Sleepy inn motel case study

Naturally I am very energetic and have not noticed any decline of energy until my husband brought it to my attention: My word this year is Savvy. This word for me means to be savvy in all I do… personally and professionally.

Sleepy inn motel case study

Tweet Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation occurs when you consistently fail to get enough sleep. An individual's need for sleep varies, but adults usually require eight hours, and younger people need nine hours of sleep each night.

The more demands made on your time, the more likely it is you suffer from some degree of sleep deprivation. If that's correct, that means about Causes of Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation can be acute coming on rapidly, but ending quickly or chronic lasts a long time, or recurs periodically.

There are three main causes of sleep deprivation: Behavioral Choosing not to sleep results in behaviorally induced insufficient sleep syndrome, if the patient has failed to sleep enough for a period of at least three months. That sounds easy enough to remedy, but the challenge is usually to convince the patient that more sleep is needed.

In a society that places a high value on constant activity, sleeping is discouraged. It's viewed as a sign of laziness rather than a medical necessity.

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Hucksters even promote methods of deliberately avoiding sleep, such as polyphasic sleep taking multiple naps rather than succumbing to one extended sleep period. The use of stimulating drugs like caffeine, cocaine, or amphetamines in order to stay alert can also induce sleep deprivation.

Some people who feel constantly tired fear they have some illness, and are pleasantly surprised to discover the problem can be resolved by simply increasing their sleeping hours. Too Little Time Lack of time to sleep usually occurs in one of two ways. It can happen when people work too much for example, at a company that requires a certain number of overtime hours per weekor when sleep time is consumed by tasks that must be done for example, caring for a sick family member.

Other than finding other employment or hiring a caregiver, alternatives that are not always available, this type of sleep deprivation is difficult to address.

Sleepy inn motel case study

Medical Causes Medical problems that cause sleep deprivation can be either conditions in which loss of sleep is a side effect, or primary sleep disorders that disrupt normal slumber as a main effect.

If you have the breathing problem called sleep apnea, for example, that will wake you many times each night in order to prevent asphyxiation. Mental illnesses that cause manic states of hyperactivity can keep patients awake for long periods of time.

The muscle tremors and rigidity caused by Parkinson's disease can interrupt sleep frequently.

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Sometimes medications can cause loss of sleep, and consulting a doctor usually prompts an alternative prescription. Insomnia, or an inability to sleep enough, can include trouble falling or staying asleep, as well as experiencing sleep that does not refresh. Some factors precipitating insomnia can be stress or poor sleep habits, and sometimes insomnia cannot be explained at all idiopathic insomnia.

A strong business case for improvements What is a home sleep test? A home sleep test HST is typically prescribed when your doctor suspects you might have a sleep breathing disorder.
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Effects of Sleep Deprivation Considering that McGregor and his wife run the motel, which is their source of livelihood, these two conditions are reasonable. In addition, McGregor should make sure to ask Alward to impress upon his church group that the fact they are paying half the regular motel price means that the church group will receive half the regular service!

The difference between sleep deprivation and insomnia is that sleep deprivation means not having the chance to get a full night's sleep, and insomnia refers to not being able to take advantage of sleeping time by managing to fall asleep.Essay on Sleepy Inn Motel; Essay on Sleepy Inn Motel.

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In this report Premier Inn is going to be the principal case study used, mainly because of its noticeable growth, using clever marketing strategies, such as introduction of different programmes and aiming its chain.

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Good Night Motel Case When making his decision, McGregor should consider seriously the negative consequences that his business will experience if he refuses Alward’s offer to fill the motel for the two weekend nights in October, at half the room rate.

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