Pete maravich essay

See Article History Alternative Titles: A spectacular shooting star, Maravich rocketed through college and professional ranks driven by an insatiable desire to be the greatest that resulted in an eventful but short life.

Pete maravich essay

He had long, shaggy brown hair and wore long floppy socks that looked as though they needed washing. He mastered practically every shot known to man and invented a few himself.

He shot the ball from anywhere and everywhere on the court, even if he should have been passing it. When he did pass, it was not your ordinary pass. It was through his legs, behind his back or any other way he might have invented at the spur of the moment.

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In short, it was always show time when Maravich passed or dribbled the ball. Watch Video Photo Gallery With freshmen banned from playing varsity ball, Maravich literally put Louisiana State on the national basketball map during the three seasons he brought new-founded basketball excitement to the collegiate game.

Pete maravich essaypounds, Pete got his points from outside or on drives, for he was not thick enough to stand riveted to a spot and casually toss in shots.

He came swiftly down court, body low, legs so long and bony that his calves were as wide as his thighs. He faked, dribbled to the side 20 to 30 feet out, and leaped high and his shots were feathery and mightily arched toward the basket.

They saw him lusting to be the center of attraction for the league or for any struggling franchise that needed his scoring and showmanship to put people in the seats and excite them. With those memorable attributes and the NBA and the ABA locked in a bidding war for talent, the days leading to the college draft were marked with guessing games as to which league would win his draft rights and how much it would cost to sign him.

It was the deal that paved the way for the Hawks to draft Maravich. When the draft got underway on March 20, the Detroit Pistons, with the first overall pick, opted for Bob Lanier, the huge St. While both teams filled specific weaknesses in their front lines, they left Maravich for the Hawks.

The winner would send Maravich into the pro ranks with more fanfare and money than anyone in basketball history. The huge gathering repeatedly screamed and applauded as the proceedings evolved into a real circus sideshow. Men and women, girls in miniskirts, kids and little old ladies jammed the room to get a glimpse at Maravich.

Everything from a Brownie Hawkeye to TV cameras, mounted on tripods, snapped and purred at Maravich, who stood silently, dressed in a gray suit with a dark blue shirt and a red and blue tie. The thinking around the NBA was that if Maravich could make the adjustment to the pros quickly enough, there might be no stopping the Hawks for a long time.

Advance ticket sales double as everywhere you looked there was an advertisement or a commercial featuring Pistol Pete and promising untold delights for the offseason. The opening game against the Milwaukee Bucks was scheduled for network television.

Hawks management began talking again of building a new coliseum and unveiled dazzling green-and-blue mod uniforms. The Hawks lost five of their first six preseason games and finished with a mark after losing to Milwaukee, When the regular season began, on October 17 against Milwaukee with the menacing Lew Alcindor, the game was billed as Maravich versus Big Lew.

It was a mismatch. Alcindor and the Bucks, devastating in the second half, won, He quickly stole a pass, drove down the court and shot a footer for his first NBA basket. He finished with 7 points. In the next game against San Francisco, he again scored 7 points. In the sixth game against San Diego, which was not exactly preoccupied with defense, Maravich scored 5 points.Robert Ward is a novelist, journalist, and a recently published, Renegades, a collection of his magazine work from the ’s and was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule for a chat.

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Pete maravich essay

Bronx Banter: You were a novelist before you wrote journalism. Pete Maravich Essay examples - Pete Maravich was one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

His spectacular moves and awesome footwork helped him to get better everyday. This is the official Pete Maravich site established by the Maravich family and dedicated to one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Nick-named "The Pistol" for his gun-slinger style of play and passion for the game. Pete Maravich was born to Petar "Press" Maravich (–) and Helen Gravor Maravich (–) in Aliquippa, a steel town in Beaver County in western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Maravich amazed his family and friends with his basketball abilities from an early barnweddingvt.come: LSU (–).

Essay on Peter Pistol Maravich Words 9 Pages Peter Pistol Maravich Peter Press Maravich is arguably one of the best basketball players ever to play the game. Congo Square (French: Place Congo) is an open space, now within Louis Armstrong Park, which is located in the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana, just across Rampart Street north of the French Tremé neighborhood is famous for its history of African American music..

In Louisiana's French and Spanish colonial era of the 18th century, enslaved Africans were commonly.

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