Periodic table project

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Periodic table project

Students explore trends related to their own topic and relate to the trends on the actual Periodic Table of Elements. Most students do not need this much time. You are to construct a periodic table on a topic of your choosing.

Of course, it must be approved by me. It must be a socially acceptable topic!

Periodic Table Project - Mrs. Schumaker's 8th Grade Science Class

Beads, musical groups, photographs, fish, types of soccer balls, Legos, shoes and basically any other item you can think of would work! It must contain 4 periods and 8 families of a representative short periodic table. In other words, it should exhibit periodicity. Label each group by family name.

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You may get pictures from the internet, magazines, catalogs, use your own photos or actual objects. The numbers used must be searchable or actual data collected by you.

Periodic table project

You must have an abstract that explains your periodic table. It needs to explain the trends in your table. You must explain what each column or family in your table represents, what the trend or periodicity is as you move across a row period.

You need to explain how your trends compare to the trends in the actual periodic table. Make sure to include your name on the abstract. Please be sure to reference any sources used. These should be included in the abstract.

A key sample element box must be attached to the front of your table. At least one graph describing a trend going down the families and one graph describing a different trend going across the periods must be included.

Your table can be any size larger than 50cm X 50cm and smaller than 1m X 1m and all the items must be secured on the table.

Periodic Table of Elements - IUPAC | International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

I need to be able to move it without it falling apart. I suggest using foam board or another stiff backing for your table. The table needs to be able to stand if leaned against the wall.

Remember to pick up your table within a week after it has been graded or it may be disposed of.The Periodic Table Project is now up-to-date with four newly-named elements, nihonium (Nh), moscovium (Mc), tennessine (Ts) and oganesson (Og).

The University of Waterloo Department of Chemistry had a high school student contest to design tiles for these 0. 2 Houston Teachers Institute The unit's final project will be an animated periodic table.

Just another site Who Developed the Periodic Table of Elements?
Information for To help students explore the complexities of the periodic table, students work through various inquiry activities as outlined in the Periodic Table Project Student Guide.
preview rubric August 28, Elements are arranged from left to right and top to bottom in order of increasing atomic number.
Examining a Trend in the Periodic Table of Elements | Science project | The purpose of this project is to familiarize students with common uses of elements found on The Periodic Table.
Hydrogen | Chemistry | University of Waterloo Proficient 3 pts Meets the requirements for the subject and grade level's standards. Developing 2 pts Shows many characteristics aligned with this subject and grade level's standards but does not meet all expectations.

The student will construct an animated periodic table of the first eighteen elements on the periodic table of elements. as you go down and across the table (size, style, cost, etc.) • Your choice – picture, state of matter, price, etc.


4. A “Key” is required for the information given for each “element” on the periodic table by drawing a sample square with sample information, and then label what characteristic each piece of . The periodic table is organized in rows called periods. Periodic means Repeating Pattern.

Since the chemical and physical properties of elements have a repeating pattern, the table that lists the elements is called a periodic table. The project created a periodic table as a mosaic of science and art. Thank you to all the teachers and students who participated in the collaborative Periodic Table Project.

Students from all Canadian provinces and territories, 20 U.S. states and 14 countries . Periodic Table of Elements Research Project Researching the Periodic Table! Choose one element from the periodic table # (see p.B) Design an informative poster. The Periodic Table Project: Appstore for Android