Natural beauty kashmir essay

Select Page India Essay India is the seventh-largest country and most populous democracy in the world.

Natural beauty kashmir essay

Crowned by the Himalayas on top and vast seas surrounding its peninsula, India is quite distinct on the world map. The Himalayas enveloped all the beauty with in itself, giving rise to the mighty rivers-Indus, Ganga and Yamuna and their tributaries, spreading over the land like arteries, providing life blood to the species while in the Deccan plateau and South, the Narmada, Krishna, Godavari Cauvery, sucked water from the vast seas and drenched the entire land.

With so much vivacity all around, life bloomed and soon the entire subcontinent was filled with rare, fragrant flowers and beautiful creatures started making it their home.

Could man be far behind? India has seen many eras blooming on her soil.

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People mixed, cultures intermingled, and each century brought a new India, influenced by all, yet retaining its old identity. So, the whole of India, was dotted it temples, mosques and churches, palaces, havelis and forts. The biggest asset of India as a desirable tourist destination is its 5,year-old historical and cultural heritage.

Every region in India developed a culture of its own. The culture is a wide term, which includes the languages, rituals, beliefs, festivals and tradition, given form father to son and carried on with generations.

The regional diversity is attributed to the fact that the historical roots of development of each region culturally depended much on the dynasties ruling it and also on their proximity to other cultures.

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This limited regional influence was seen in the languages, cuisines, dressing sense and even in dance and music in each region. The local perceptions and feelings gave way to regional beliefs and traditions.

Take for instance, the desert state of Rajasthan. With that at its background and shifting sand-dunes, mirages and camels, the vast palaces, forts and havelis present a very distinct aura.

But, one jewel which attracts the bulk of tourists is in the once Mughal Capital-Agra. The great Mughals gave India the architectural splendor and influence of Persia. It reached its zenith with the symbol of Mughal romance-the Taj Mahal.

All these eras gave India some spectacular masterpieces which are not found anywhere around the globe. Some masterpieces are objects of awe and mystery, not only because of their unique craftsmanship, challenging the modern technological growth but because of their technological superiority.

No one has been able to solve the mystery of the Shaking Minarets in the mosque and tomb f Raj Bibi in Ahmedabad.

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In fact, you can never have enough of India when it comes to the architectural wonders and excellence. Another aspect of Indian culture is its vibrant and colorful festivals. India has been the mother of the oldest religion — The Hinduism and subsequently Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Islam and Christianity also experienced the motherly affection of this great country.

The festivals still carry on the gaiety and colors of past. The festive season in India coincides with the Tourist Season and with 33 core Gods and Goddesses; one surely cannot miss out the colorful extravaganza whenever he visits India.

In fact, the real, culture experience of India is unaccomplished without these festivals. The Taj Mahotsava in February, Khajuraho Dance festival at Khajuraho Temples in March and Konark Dance festival in November, give an opportunity of seeing all internationally acclaimed faces of Indian classical dance and music both vocal and instrumental on one stage.

Around 14 such festivals are arranged all over the country. All one needs is to be sure that the itinerary includes these festivals, and the trip to India will be the most memorable of all.The Big Picture is a photo blog produced by a select group of picture editors of The Boston Globe.

Natural beauty kashmir essay

The majority of the images come from wire services such as the Associated Press, Reuters, and. Natural beauty is un matched.

Pakistan have world most beautiful places for visit, specially at its best in northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region. This part of the country is famous all around the world because of sky high mountains, lush green valleys, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes, and amazing wildlife.

It may be that its natural beauty and temperate climate are the reasons that Kashmiris have a strong tradition in the arts, literature, painting, drama and dance. He was all praises for the natural beauty of Kashmir.

He had stayed there for a week and had visited Gulmurg also. He admired the natural beauty, as well as the skating which he had at Gulmurg.

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- Kashmir is the land of awe-inspiring beauty. Through its incredible and breathtaking beauty, it has earned itself the name of the "Switzerland of the East".

Natural beauty kashmir essay

Beautiful rivers, calm lakes, tremendous gardens, peak meadows are some of the features of the remarkable landscapes of the Kashmir valley.

Definition Essay on Beauty. By Lauren Bradshaw. August 27, Natural, powerful, real beauty, however, originates from within the heart of individuals and when it blossoms, it is expressed as a captivating, exquisite, and alluring spirit that is not easy to contain.

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