Compare contrast essay of mice and men

Hire Writer The most important one, however, was in the end where George killed Leonie.

Compare contrast essay of mice and men

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They travel together and after they get themselves into trouble in the city of Weed, they moved to work on a ranch. The movie differs slightly from the book in the fact that it has fewer examples showing the importance of power, unlike the book where there are many instances of power.

First off, power is shown, or in some instances not shown, in the characters. In both the book and the movie, George has a certain power over Lennie. He acts as his father: A second character that supports the theme of power in the book and movie is Lennie. Even though there are multiple examples of characters showing power in both the book and movie, there is an example of when the movie makes the theme less relevant to the story.

In the book, Lennie has the power to remember to go to the brush, where George told him to go if he got into any trouble. It made Lennie seem more vulnerable and with less logical power than in the book where he proved himself, aside from his challenges.

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The second subject that the theme is shown in is events. The events are both alike and different within the book and movie.

In both the book and movie, George talks for Lennie in front of the boss when they first arrive at the ranch. A similarity is also the fact that when George and Lennie were ran out of Weed, they were being chased for no reason other than the word of the girl that Lennie accidentally scared.

He had no intension of hurting her and never did, yet she still had the power to manipulate everyone to think that she was assaulted by Him.

This got him into a lot of trouble eventually. This happening never occurred in the movie and tremendously changed the outlook of power from the book. The last topic that displays the value of power is the details of the story.

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This may have been to imply that her name had little importance or power over the story. Her impact of getting Lennie killed from him accidentally killing her had nothing to do with her name.

Compare contrast essay of mice and men

Another detail is that the stable keeper was African-American. This shows a lack of power in the movie and book because he was forced to live by himself and had no impact on the decisions or thoughts of the other men simply because of his race.

A third detail is that George was much smaller than Lennie in both portrayals of the story, yet he had power over Lennie as if he was his father.

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Compare and contrast essay Of Mice and Men The Story Of Mice and Men is about two buddies that go on to find work or any kind of income. The only problem . Draw and Compare Worksheets.

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Compare contrast essay of mice and men
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