A comparison of three latin american countries chile argentina and brazil

Tweet The stereotypes abound: Searching for information on the cultural differences among the twelve countries of South America is a surprisingly challenging task.

Note on withholding taxes: US dividend withholding tax depends on a number of factors: Chile is usually considered the most stable country in the region, with an investment-grade rating on its sovereign debt.

Thus, investing in a Chilean utility such as EOCC could be an interesting play, especially for the copper bulls. The after-tax dividend yield of EOCC is a healthy 4.

As the electricity market is deregulated that is, generators sell their energy via freely negotiated contracts with large users or via energy auctions to distributors and largely dependent on hydroelectricity and thus, on water reservoir levelsthe price of electricity is quite volatile.

ELP, as an integrated utility company involved in generation, transmission, distribution, and even in telecommunicationshas seen an important decline in profitability under the present circumstances: If profitability increases alongside the payout ratio, ELP could prove an excellent investment.

To summarize the investment case in CEPU, it is important to note that Argentina is currently running an energy deficit, with a highly inefficient installed power capacity, and that there is an ongoing process of market reform towards liberalization of the sector and the beginning of an investment cycle led by the private sector.

Consequently, in spite of the constant ARS depreciation, CEPU has been able to grow its cash-flow in US dollar terms, and as new projects continue to come online, sustained earnings growth are guaranteed by long-term contracts.

During the present period and until most new projects are completed, however, a low dividend payout ratio is to be expected.

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The recent downturn in the stock price is perhaps best explained by the following events: The recent slump in the ARS currency. A cabinet change that triggered energy-intervention panic.

In response to those rumors, the new energy Minister reaffirms and further invigorates the ongoing trend of energy sector liberalization. Argentina has been recently reclassified as an Emerging market by MSCI, and apparently, that event has triggered the sale of Frontier market funds, but not yet purchases of EM funds.

Final remarks As a final remark, I believe all the mentioned companies in the Latin American power generation sector should provide very attractive returns over time. The main risk, in this case, is a slowdown of global growth which could limit copper demand and hurt both the Chilean GDP and its currency.

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In this case, the low leverage ratio of the company should limit the downside. In a country where capital is scarce, and in what still looks like the beginning of an investment cycle in the energy sector, a private company run by management-owners should be expected to deploy its debt-free capital at very high rates of return.

These and probably other Latin American power generation companies are attractive investments for global investors seeking stocks with wide economic moats, solid growth potential and interesting yields.

The present EM sell-off has left these stocks with a considerable upside, and the sustainable and growing dividend yields will continue to reward investors as they wait for share price appreciation over time.Argentina is close enough, however, historically Argentina’s economy is quite unstable, also Argentina is the second most expensive country to live in Latin America.

Brazil and Mexico both have huge markets, diversified economies and are cheaper places to live than Chile and Argentina, however they have less income, more inequality, poverty and higher corruption (I would say that Argentina .

The report focuses on three Latin American middle income countries: Argentina, which was the most unequal country in the region between s and s; Brazil, where significant economic progress translated into better welfare services;.

Country comparison, you can compare any two countries and see the data side by side. Here you have the comparison between Brazil vs Argentina barnweddingvt.com Toggle navigation.

A comparison of three latin american countries chile argentina and brazil

Countries. United States Country comparison Brazil vs Argentina. We take a look at three Latin American countries (Chile, Brazil, and Argentina) Three Latin American Power Generator Companies. in comparison to , the TTM EBITDA has fallen 30% in. As someone who is teaching English to Latin American students coming to study in the UK I pick as No.

1 Colombia.

A comparison of three latin american countries chile argentina and brazil

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